The day after

Hello again readers and followers as I said these coming blogs may be a little short but I’ll do the best I can. Everything went well yesterday during and after the procedure! I struggled to get comfortable last night with a cast on my right arm and my left leg wrapped in a brace. The reason my leg was in a brace was because they used a graft from that leg to repair the ucl in my right arm. Dr. Andrews was extremely happy when I talked to him on the phone this morning before my 1st of 2 rehab appointments. He said that the graft he took from my leg was healthy and strong. Rehab this morning was not easy and just showed me that I have a big challenge in front of me, that I know I have the work ethic to conquer.


Sorry to cut this blog short but I have a second rehab appointment today here in Birmingham. Readers feel free to ask any specific questions or topics I should write about.


  1. nyyfan17

    Hey Jarrod. I really hope you recover! I’m no D-Backs fan, but I’ve been following your starts throughout your minor league career. Good luck to you, man!

  2. fjm235

    Just wanted to let you know all the fans out here in Arizona are pulling for you. Hope to see you in person in 2011.

    I have a few questions. Your last start was on July 30. Reading the line score it’s obvious you weren’t yourself that day: 8 H in 4 IP, including 2 HR’s. Prior to that, zero HR’s in 74 IP, an amazing record. My question: at what point did you know something was wrong? Did you try to pitch through it? Also, in the intervening 3 months, did you talk to other pitchers who had TJ surgery?

  3. baseballevolution

    Congrats on your successful surgery and good luck with your rehab. Don’t push yourself too hard too soon!


    Good Luck with your rehab!! My 17 year old son had tommy john surgery on May 5. He blew his elbow out in a high school game. Very sad for us so I know what you are going through!!

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