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Birmingham Airport/Update

Blogging from the Birmingham airport listening to music trying to fill time with 4 hours until boarding the flight! Normally i would enjoy people watching with my ipod in, but the problem is that the terminal we are in has 6 gates.  Theres only so much news i can watch when the news lady is referencing facebook as a source or pleading for followers on twitter and friends and facebook! I was thinking of what i wanted to blog about in this entry… I decided i would update readers about my future throwing and rehab program with some brief opinions on random stuff.

Today was my 4 month follow up with Dr. Andrews. Everything went awesome and as i had hoped! I was cleared to begin a throwing progression and program, so i couldnt be happier with today’s news. Also, listening to Eric Church couldnt be a better cd to listen to being in a good mood and fill time in the airport. Tomorrow will be my first day throwing a baseball and beginning the throwing program, last week i began throwing a tennis ball to begin the progression. “The idea behind throwing a tennis ball is to retrain nerves and coordinating the body in the throwing motion” as told to me by Jimmy Southard. When i first began throwing a tennis ball i expected it to be a little awkward but things felt good, Im extremely excited to begin throwing a real ball tomorrow! Im hoping to pitch somewhere this season which is the goal im working towards in the coming months and in this throwing program. 
Being away from the game for the months i have been, has really opened my eyes to the things that are taken for granted. Taking ground balls on the mound, going through bunt plays, shagging bp and just being a part of the clubhouse. Okay maybe i take that back about shagging bp, but i enjoy running around like a little kid shagging like an outfielder is fun to me! Also, during my rehab i have gotten in the best shape i have been in since being in professional baseball. I fill my down time with going to gym doing cardio, playing xbox and watching a lot of dvds and tv series. 
I was a little upset with the Colts loss but i can admit as a fan, we got outplayed and didnt make the adjustments we needed to make to win that game. As a devoted fan i still wear my jersey proud and look forward to the next season returning another great team! 
Any suggestions for future blogs are welcomed and encouraged. I will be blogging more if i have some topics to write about and hear what readers have to say.