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The day after

Hello again readers and followers as I said these coming blogs may be a little short but I’ll do the best I can. Everything went well yesterday during and after the procedure! I struggled to get comfortable last night with a cast on my right arm and my left leg wrapped in a brace. The reason my leg was in a brace was because they used a graft from that leg to repair the ucl in my right arm. Dr. Andrews was extremely happy when I talked to him on the phone this morning before my 1st of 2 rehab appointments. He said that the graft he took from my leg was healthy and strong. Rehab this morning was not easy and just showed me that I have a big challenge in front of me, that I know I have the work ethic to conquer.


Sorry to cut this blog short but I have a second rehab appointment today here in Birmingham. Readers feel free to ask any specific questions or topics I should write about.