Counting Down the Days

As I begin to sit down to type this entry, I look at the calendar and I cant help but notice how long I’ve come in this rehab process and how close i am to returning to game action! My rehab has gone as well as planned and i feel great about all the rehab and throwing. Im still on a similar schedule as i was when i began throwing bullpens but a little more intense and increase workload. Mondays and Fridays are my bullpen days with a day of long toss between them, but as we approach simulated games and real game i believe i will start to play catch everyday or most days of the week. 

A tentative date for return to game action looks like August 16th for a rehab inning of work. Everyone keeps asking me if i”m nervous? excited? how Im feeling physically? mentally? If there is one main thing that i have learned from my time away from the game, its controlling my emotions and not taking anything for granted. I’m very excited to return and put all the hard work I’ve done myself along with our training staff and strength coaches. Physically I feel really good my shoulder is strong and my elbow has recovered extremely well. I feel like my bullpens and throwing has gone extremely well, with all the throwing and focusing on mechanics i feel more in-tune and under control throwing my bullpens. I’ve also been working on a 2 seam fastball and it seems to be better than before surgery.
Other than throwing, conditioning and working out its been a great change of scenery to join the team here in Mobile. All these guys are great and its a good atmosphere with a ton of talent in the clubhouse. 



    Great news Jarrod. I’ve been following your career all the way from Boston. Looking forward to your return to the mound.


    Jarrod, good luck on your rehab. I’ve had you in my keeper fantasy league for two years and refused to trade you. Looking forward to your return next year!


    Jarrod…it sounds like you are coming along great. My 16 year old had Tommy John Surgery on April 8, 2010. When he was in 9th grade, he was throwing 80-84 mph. He is a left hand pitcher. He miised all of last year season. He know is throwing, with the so called 14 pt program. He would have played varisty as a sophmore, if he didn’t get hurt. He played JV as a freshman, batted 540 and was 5-0 on the mound. I really try to protect him when he was younger on his pitch count and etc. Even with he AAU team, I try my best. All of these coaches want to win. They will throw there best pitcher out there all the time, even in high school.
    My son is working with a former major league pitcher who had Tommy John surgery. I think this will help him to get back in shape. I will not rush him back into pitching. He will not pitch this year(11th grade). My hope is that he will be able to bat and play 1st once a week. he may have to PG after high school, to get another year under his belt. when he was a freshman, he had 6 colleges looking at him. I hope you keep up the good work and be back on the mound. Thanks for reading this.



    Just found this blog today while searching your progress on google. Definately will keep up with how things are going. Everything I’m reading sounds like you are getting stronger. I like to keep tabs on Indiana players like you, Storen, Lynn, Kyle Gibson, Adam Lind, Hunter, Scott Rolen, etc. It’s fantastic to see you guys do well and see all of the talent coming from the state. Went to the Colts and Cowboys game yesterday. Depressing. Glad to hear you are a fan. Hope you continue to progress well. Looking forward to seeing you healthy and in the majors soon. Thanks for the blog. Will defiantely follow it in the future.
    Lance from Indy

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