April 2010

Well Played Mauer

Hey followers, readers and fans just wanted to blog a quick update on how my progression is coming along. With all my buddies and fellow teammates breaking camp to long season teams, I’ve found myself in unfamiliar territory. It was good to have all those guys around during spring training to take my mind off the grind of my current rehab. Things have been going real good in my current throwing program and have not had any complaints following my surgery!

I am currently throwing at 120 ft and starting to work in throwing change-ups at 60 ft as i finish my long toss. That is the main point to my throwing program, finishing up the long toss program and building endurance in my elbow and shoulder. Im really looking forward to my mound progression which begins in early May, as long as this rehab has been I am beginning to see the light at the end of tunnel. 
Please leave comments for future blogs. Im going to start blogging more and updating everyone on my progression as well as answer questions and blog on suggested topics.