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Mound Monday

When Fridays come around everyone is looking forward to some time off and a weekend away from things. This was the opposite for me this weekend, I’ve been looking forward to Monday for a long time now. This coming Monday will be my first time back on the mound throwing bullpens since surgery back in October. This weekend couldn’t have gone any slower than it has I’ve been watching tv, movies and playing xbox the time still seems to not move forward. 

All in all the it has been a pretty eventful and busy week leading up to getting back on the mound. Thursday night we went to Chase Field to watch the Dbacks Giants game, it was a great game and the dbacks were able to work Lincecum for a less than stellar outing and win late in that game. Like i said earlier the weekend has been filled with…. well filled with fillers like xbox, tv and movies. Although I did finally get Blindside on netflix and that movie was amazing. Id have to say an instant top 10 favorite movie. I’ve also actually been bored enough to clean up my apartment and do some laundry!! 
As I close this entry I cant help but be anxious to get back on the mound tomorrow and look forward to these coming months. Although my arm will probably feel good and emotions will be flowing, I have to remember to take it easy and hold back a little. 
Time to watch the Dbacks and some playoff hockey!