The day before

This is my first official blog of any sort, so please readers stay with me!  Feel free to ask or suggest things I should talk about or you may wonder. I’m planning on keeping this blog pretty open in terms of topics, but also I want to keep everyone updated on my surgery, rehab and progression following the procedure.

Right now is the first free time I’ve had today. My slumber was abrutly interrupted by the maid in my hotel banging on my door not once, not twice but three times!! So as I rolled out of bed to answer the door my long day began at 9:06 am. Usually I would be able to fall back asleep shortly after lying back down, but today wasnt an ordinary day by any means. My family was flying in today to be with me through this process and I couldn’t be more thankful! I called my dad to make sure that they got checked in and to the hotel safely.

So now to what this first post is mainly about, my appointment today with Dr. Andrews at 2:45. I got treated extremely well by everyone there as soon as I got there. I was put in a private lounge with a sweet tv and some comfortable couches which helped to relax myself let alone my Mom. About 15 minutes after being into the lounge in walks a very familar face as of recent on ESPN, Sam Bradford. Ironically enough the story about him was currently on the television. To make an extremely long story/short, I met with Dr. Andrews and we decided to schedule surgery for tomorrow. (Wednesday 28th) The surgery is scheduled to start at approximently 11:00.

I’ve been asked by many people if im nervous? scared? relieved? My best answer for all these questions about emoitions would be that this is all new to me and I can only control certain things and the rest are in the hands of God. Although I feel like proceeding with this surgery I will have no doubts mentally when I am completely healthy to attack hitters and pitch the way I used to.

The highlight of my day may have been the incredible dinner I enjoyed with my parents. We decided to go to Ruth Chris steakhouse and what a great decision that was! I ordered the ribeye and couldn’t be anymore satisfied with my decision. Following dinner I came back to my hotel where i began this blog.

I will try to blog as much as I can following surgery. The blogs following this one may be a little slim considering that typing with only a left hand is going to be frustrating and time consuming.

Thanks to everyone that is following me on twitter through this entire process ( and all the readers that will be following me in this blog. Now I think I’m going to rent a movie and relax a little bit before this short speed bump in my career that is happening tomorrow.


  1. akt74

    Best of luck to you tomorrow. Just put your faith in God, and he will see you through. Try to get some sleep tonight, but I am sure it will be hard.

    PS Stay away from Ruth’s Chris will you are rehabing, or you will have to rehab your gut also. LOL

    Prayers are with you


    Hey Jarrod,

    Thought about you a few times today and prayed for your surgery. Really glad the family is there for you. I will continue to pray for your complete healing. Take care my young friend.

    Coach, Kurt Gray


    Hi Jarrod, we were so glad to hear that your surgery was a success!! Your blog is great & we look forward to reading it. Happy Typing! šŸ™‚ KLGJM


    Hi Jarrod,
    I want you to know that me, my fiancee, and all the posters at and of the best dbacks fans on the web) are pulling for you.

    I hope your recovery goes quickly, and we see you pitching to full your potential in the big leagues sometime in 2011!!

  5. scottlp


    My thots and prayers are with you. Hope your recovery and rehab go well. Work hard from day one. On a very small scale, I went through rehab from a broken wrist and titanium plate insert and all is well for me. But I’m not a professional athlete, like you, so I didn’t have to come back to a certain level like you do. It’s a tough task, but from what I’ve read about you, I think you’re up to the challenge.

    As a D’back fan, I was looking forward to watching you compete for an MLB rotation spot in spring training. I’m just as excited to wait a year and watch you compete next year after your successful rehab. The D’backs could certainly use you this year, but I think the opportunity will be there next year as well. I think of you as a D’back already. I hope your dream of pitching in the big leagues motivates you every day of rehab to do what you need to do to overcome this glitch in your career.

    We’re pulling for you…as a D’back and as a talented young man. LP Scottsdale

  6. mick19429

    Good luck with rehab. You will do what it takes to get back with the good outlook you have.

    Specific question: Did you or a coach at South Bend intentionally alter your delivery from stepping straight with the left leg to stepping slightly across so the foot planted in front of your right foot? The reason for the question is you were aligned perfectly in high school and early in South Bend. By the end of the year, there was a noticeable change. Speculating that this was done to add a little deception by hiding the ball behind the body a little longer?

    It also appeared to make the arm work a bit harder. Can you shed any light on this area for us?

    Hang in there, we are pulling for you.

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