What a week!

Finally some down time after a busy yet fun week. It’s been a really good week in terms of rehab and my progression is very good. My rehab days are pretty easy but they take some time, with myself and the rehab team being very detailed. I usually get up around 7:00 am get dressed, brush my teeth, get rid of my bedhead and grab a Gatorade or water as I walk out the door. Everyone that knows me or has seen me in the mornings knows I’m not a very pleasant person and usually not very personable. I have about a 15-20 min. drive to the complex depending on Tucson traffic which can be a toss up on any day.

Once I get to the complex I usually review my program and plans for the day. Usually the day starts with an ice treatment and catching up on whats on ESPN. Since my scar is healing well I’ve been able to use the whirlpools, what I do is usually 1 min. in cold and 2 min. in hot for about 4-5 rotations. Following the whirlpool treatment I start my wrist and elbow stretching and range of motioin exercises. These usually can be done on my own but when I’m finished our training staff wants to see my progression and they help me get more movement. An important thing that people quickly forget is how crucial it is keeping your shoulder strong throughtout all this. This week was the first week I was able to start moving my leg more freely, I was able to get on the bike and loosen my knee and hamstring up. We have been focusing a lot on the small stuff and there are some new things we add to my program daily, which I love cause I am always willing to try new exercises and get better.

This past week I was lucky enough to be invited to Torii Hunter’s celebrity golf classic in Chandler, Az. It was an amazing event with lots of familar faces and a great event for an even better cause. The charity that all the proceeds went to was Torri’s charity called the Torii Project. Tuesday night kicked the weeks events off with a banquet and performance by Briant Mcknight. Wednesday was the golf scramble, which I was a spectator riding around the course in a golf cart.  More information and news about the Chairty and event can be found at http://www.toriihunter.com/golfclassic/ 

Any suggestions on future blogs just leave me a comment. And I’m going to finish my blog with GO COLTS!


  1. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Sweet routine! Glad to hear you’re getting more movement in. I’m sure it’s an arduous, and sometimes frustrating process, but it seems like your patience will pay off. You should see if your trainers will let you do yoga sometime, that always helps me.
    I really like all of your blogs, and I think it would be cool if you did Q & A with some fans. The most I’ve ever learned about baseball is when I got to sit down and talk to one of the players.
    I have a few potential questions if you ever decided to do this…
    1. When did you know you wanted to play MLB?
    2. Was there a pitcher or player that you looked up to? One that you emulated?
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. holtdoyle@gmail.com

    How would you compare your current training methods and exercises to previous ones you’ve done before? With the resources available to you, like expert personnel and state of the art facilities, are the exercises just as advanced? Or do you do simplistic, elementary movements that you’ve been exposed to for years?
    Thanks for your time!

    Former 2006 Summit City Slugger

  3. bigboutros@hotmail.com

    Hey Jarrod –

    Continued success as you go through rehab – I know a lot of folks are rooting for you!

    I’ve been wondering what your rehab timeline is looking like. I know they say the comeback from TJ is about a year – do you think you are tracking ahead of schedule? Any sense for when you might begin to throw? What do the doctors look for to figure out how you are tracking relative to what they “expect”?

    Again, best wishes on a healthy and speedy rehab. Looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix real soon . . .

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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